BATAK Duel...Now Available for iPhone and iPod touch, test your reaction skills to their limits!


Hits The App Store!

We are very proud to present our new BATAK Duel game,
exclusively designed for all iPhone and iPod touch gamers!

Test your 'Reaction' and 'Hand-Eye Co-ordination' and 'Dexterity' Skills
To Their Absolute Limits with BATAK Duel!

It is the year 2462 and an Evil Race of Aliens known as the 'Kardacks' have enslaved all humanity!
For their sick amusement they force all Human Prisoners to play the deadly BATAK Duel Game!

You are pitted against 10 Deadly Opponents
in a Desperate Battle of Reaction, Co-ordination and Dexterity skills
Each Opponent gets Harder and Faster...but are you up to the Challenge?

Defeat all 10 Opponents and Win Your Freedom and Riches, but fail and you'll end up
enslaved in the dreadful Cobalt Mines of Dedinus! DON'T LOSE!!!

Play BATAK Duel TODAY and enjoy the Ultimate
'Adrenaline Pumping' Gaming Experience!

"First Class Arcade Action!"

- Cinematic Introduction Scene

- Superb Graphics and Special Effects

- Great Sound and Voice Effects

- 10 Brilliant Background Music Tracks

- Atmospheric Weather Effects
(there's a Huge Storm on the Final Level!)

- Practice Mode

"Really Great Fun!"

Enjoy an 'Action Packed' and 'Manic' Game...

- Strike Out 'Multiple Target Lights'

- Avoid 'Flashing Targets' or Lose Points!

- Dodge Deadly Laser Beams!

- Hit Falling Rocks!

But that's not all...there's more!!

- Easy to Play!

- Totally Addictive!

- 'Game Pause' and 'Resume' features

- Set Sound and Music to ON / OFF

BATAK Duel is 'OpenFeint' Enabled,
so you get to enjoy all these cool features...

- Unlock 'Achievements' for Extra Points!

- Compare your BATAK Duel scores to your friends! Are you the Fastest Player?

- Submit your best 'Practice Score' on the Global Leaderboard!

- Facebook and Twitter support


"A 'Must Have' Game for Every iPhone and iPod Touch Gamer!"

Buy BATAK Duel on the App Store TODAY and see if you've got
what it takes to beat GORN (the top opponent!)

BATAK Duel will test your Reaction, Co-ordination
and Dexterity skills to their absolute limits!

In the game you will challenge 10 Deadly Opponents
whom you must defeat if you hope to win freedom,
and riches!

You can also Unlock Achievements in the game
and submit your fastest BATAK Duel score on a
Global Leaderboard!

Click here to buy BATAK Duel on the App Store!


A huge storm breaks out on the final level against
the deadliest opponent of them all...GORN!