BATAK Duel...Now Available for iPhone and iPod touch, test your reaction skills to their limits!




Dan Nelson, the creator of BATAK Duel,
takes time out to answer a few questions...

Where did the idea for BATAK Duel come from?

Back in 1998, my dad (David) invented a new type of digital sports equipment called BATAK.
This equipment was designed to test an athlete's reaction, co-ordination and stamina skills. I thought
this was a great concept to present on the iPhone and iPod touch and so BATAK Duel was born! In fact, my
dad's sports equipment business is still going strong, you can check out his website at:

How long did it take you to create the BATAK Duel game?

From start to finish it took 5 months of part time work, mostly in the evenings and at weekends.

How difficult was it to create the game?

It certainly wasn't an easy task! Five months ago I was totally new to the Mac platform. I had no knowledge of the
Mac OS
, Objective C, Cocoa touch, Xcode and a mountain of other stuff that I needed to know. It was an uphill struggle for months but I'm very pleased with the final game and the positive feedback that BATAK Duel has received by the gaming community.

Can the top opponent GORN really be defeated?

Yes, he can, but you will need to practice very hard to stand even a small chance!

What is your personal best score on the 'Practice Mode'?

I have managed to score 115 strikes in 60 seconds. I think that's quite respectable :)

There are rumours of 'Character Unlock Codes', are these true?

In the current version of the game (v1.1) there are no character unlock codes, however, I've had dozens of requests
from players who have asked for them. So, in a future version of the game I will include them.

Are you planning on adding any other updates to the game?

Yes, several new updates are planned but I won't reveal anything at this stage!

What advice can you give to any other game developers out there
who want to create their first iPhone/iPod touch game?

I would say that you need to be prepared for how much work will be involved in creating a decent game. Make sure
you have designed your game on paper first before programming anything and focus on your strengths, i.e. if you are not an artist then outsource this task to someone else! Also, spend lots of time testing your game and give it to family and friends to try out, you'll be amazed at the bugs they manage to find! One last point and this is very important...make sure you are extremely passionate about your game idea,
it's only this passion that will get you to the finishing line.

Can you reveal anything about your next iPhone/iPod touch game?

I'm afraid not! It's currently 'top secret' :)
I will say one thing's going to be AWESOME!

What do you like to do when you're not creating games?

I have so many other interests, it gets a bit insane at times! Currently, I'm into home brewing
in a BIG way, check out my website at:

Where do you see the whole iPhone/iPod touch scene going in the future?

For the next 5 years (at least) I can only see the market for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch apps growing massively.
If you develop software of any kind then I suggest you get into this scene as soon as possible!

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